2016 winter tour tape

by .gif from god

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this is the 2nd .gif from god release.


released January 5, 2016

recorded, mixed, and mastered by nate patsfall at artifact audio



all rights reserved


.gif from god Richmond, Virginia

inside your mind

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Track Name: no dude, he likes to spray
these cityscapes
bare a striking semblance to our skeletal bodies
wondering through an empty rib cage
our predecessors called home
i called it home too
only now do i understand that we were already dead
this whole time i have been walking through a fucking graveyard
these towers and buildings
will forever stand in ruin
marking the face of this planet
with the scars of its inhabitants
these neighborhoods
these cities
these streets
we are but ghosts
wondering empty halls
clinging to life for the sake of survival

beta burns usher in the new era
desquamation of your body and home
ionizing our way to the future, a future of our own
one by one they all succumb
to what we've created
carving new paths
through the surface, through the trash
before the end of oceans
before the end of thylacine

i called it home too
Track Name: sassafras molasses ass
acrid inhalations under the falling sky
from below it waits for your locked eyes
something you are not supposed to see
be a fool
shine your light a little more to the left
it's floating, you're running
it's screaming, you're silent
just get away from reaching arms
just return home
no radio
no help will come
crawling to the hospital
convulsing on the floor
forever be ignored

those eyes
painted on my back
what the fuck is going on
terror carving out my insides
who's watching
who's watching

with your tail between your legs
you should have followed your dog