by .gif from god

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this is the 1st .gif from god release.


released April 5, 2016

recorded at precocious studios by pablo cabrera
mixed and mastered by nate patsfall



all rights reserved


.gif from god Richmond, Virginia

inside your mind

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Track Name: adios bozo, this time i'm downloading you straight to hell
past the houses
past the trees
there's the ruined factory
slipped in through a window
eyes opening on every surface and i'm hiding
staring at the door hoping it passes by
studying me
swallowing me

oh incantation of the heart
studying me
swallowing me
Track Name: self pwnage for a narcissistic nutjub
you said there's something beyond the mountain
we went there together and slid underneath
chest deep in the darkness
cross-section of a landform
then you swam away removing yourself from this space
erased, unknown
replaced, alone
fifteen days now
waking up cold
what's there?
it might be true that our consciousness ends at our fingertips
but i know that it's not true that our world ends at the borders of this town
i'll prove it to you
erasing myself
becoming unknown
replacing myself
now i'm alone

this home rings false
there is so much more i wanted to show you
the only thing i know is that i will never look back
for there will be no one to meet my gaze
no one to remember my name
looming beyond
bring your preconceived notions to a screeching hault
Track Name: rats
as i fade into the sky
this world and the ones around me
suddenly feel so quiet and so cold
i did not understand your gestures still
i did not get your meaning
no matter where you are i will sing a song for you
i promise
i will dissolve into nothing
they cried back to the moon drop
the call is answered
is this deliberate?
presented with the choice would you?

i will dissolve into nothing
where earth meets the sky
falling right back into place
perpetual falling
Track Name: let's look at the plague
trapped here up north as they fly by
klaxons shrieking
it's all out of your hands
the end of the problem you created
house and home eliminated
walk outside, let your spit freeze
fall asleep
now they're only visited by the aurora

am i alone in these thoughts?
thats what i thought
how curious it is to recognize the sound
harrowed hearts hang heavy
feast your eyes
embrace the empty
i cannot dream
i cannot eat
will you devour this being?
i am fucking waiting
Track Name: physics problem: sucking nothing but vacuum
after decades exiting orbits
returning in flames, an immolation
coinciding with the showers
thousands sit and wish on every streak
if we put it there, if we brought it down
does it count?
coin in the well -- does it count?
seeds in the wind -- does it count?
you wish, i wish

cross my heart and hope to die
farewell to these hopes i hope to see again someday
star struck
what incredibly bad fortune
better luck next quarter

Track Name: technology will kill you 111111

midnight in bed alone
darkness pushing in the walls
compressing my body, eroding my form
floating in void
how can you soak in when nothing is porous
this is the painted glass house
i've built from the inside out
flowing along concrete plane
toying with ideas of erasure
this place or this being?
something new
even if it's nothing at all
your millisecond blur
Track Name: empty grave, shallow mind, i'm still alive but my head is full of shit
regardful of the purpose
posed on the screen
subsumed by a construct
that lives inside us all
innate or ingrained
burned into our bones
felt in the stomach
everyday it gets harder to recognize
everyday it gets harder to tell the difference between myself and them

fear of possibility
clinging to certainty
this will never come again
already it fades away
a beautiful release
melting my inhibitions
becoming complete
how to i be the me that we want me to be

Track Name: maybe none of us understand what we have lived through
commemorate their once vital spirit
for we will all end exactly the same way
everyone we know and love will be six feet under in the blink of an eye
swallowed whole
swallowed soul
the earth and the worms
they will lay claim
now the question is what will you change
what will you make
or will you leave things as they may?
I will never forget the difference that you made

the one thing that binds us together
is our thread ends
tie yourself down and fray at the edges
you're still on a straight line from a to b