split w/ vein

by .gif from god

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this is the 3rd .gif from god release.


released January 6, 2017

.gif from god tracks are engineered, mixed, and mastered by thomas carney



all rights reserved


.gif from god Richmond, Virginia

inside your mind

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Track Name: why i died wide eyed
they looked at us suffering and said we can fix it
leave your dead here
their flesh will become ours
the structure is filled with our dead but they do not decay
the earth is warm
soon the moon will occlude the light
and i will show you
our paradise
we see the stars
at midday
the soil grows teeth
every step splits flesh
blood flows through the streets and into the maw
our cities melt away
we fade into nothing guided by many hands

from atop a hill i watched my home burn
wearing a smile
i breathe easy
easier than i ever have
for days i have dreamt of being torn apart
What it means i cannot say
why pretend like you never wanted to watch the world burn?
you are a god of the earth
i know i will never see you again
with that i said i love you and took off down the hill in search of pyre
laughing as i ran
i now understand that i am a fucking monster and hell was made for me

Track Name: like a splinter in yr mind
they moved over the earth
and all that was around were stars and darkness
a portrait missing its face
finds a home amongst the cold metallic body
the feeling makes my skin crawl
shadows move in my eyes
they move over every gear
i guess they saw everything
they made me see everything too

awake in the hall
following its call
stepping through the window
bathed in light i
step into air
it beckons like it has many times before
where did i go
i'll never know
etched in my
flesh and mind
one stays and
the other dies
strapped down, cold flesh, cold eyes, hit the lights!
in darkness, i see the eyes
when i close my eyes, they're still there
they see inside me
they search through me
they hate me
the ocean glows and boils
my skin freezes to the ice
the eltanin antenna is resonating
the sound swelling through my skull, and i...

all this lost time
erase these

swelling through my...